Tuesday, December 31, 2013


you're almost nearly my type:
you surely like to flirt,
we share music taste and attitude,
we hate standing so inert.

you're just my type in form:
thin and short and cute...
if only you weren't straight
I'd keep my warnings mute.

we work well together---
independent or hand-in-hand,
double-teaming the job
so all gets done as planned.

we even have the banter,
making hours fly on by...
if only you weren't straight
I'd give us a try.

I wonder if you think
sex is high on the list,
if THAT's what turns you off
(not giving a guy a kiss);

I'd assure you you're mistaken,
nothing's further from my mind...
if only you weren't taken,
I'd show you what you'd find.

Monday, December 30, 2013


I found a world for us to live in
but you never visit me,
your excuses are uninspiring
and boring, tragically.

I built a world for us to play in
but you never want to try,
I've broken universal laws
but you don't want to fly.

I destroyed worlds where we suffer,
people who push us aside,
but all you do is mutter
and stomp upon my pride.

I made a world to jail you,
where you'll never break free,
but it's for you alone
and ever missing me.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


let's get trapped together
in a box that holds the world,
clichély bigger on the inside
where our flags are unfurled.

let's get trapped together
on a raft that never sinks,
in an ocean with no tides,
with a creature that never blinks.

let's get trapped together,
burdened down by own dreams...
let's unlock the world together
and discover what it means.

Inspired by Box of Blurbs' "I am trapped" post.
 - 29 December 2013