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WSWM13: B07

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Before I go too much further, let me get something straight. Though I preferred to be alone, work alone, train alone, live alone... I wasn't always alone. I wouldn't call them friends, they were friends of each other, but they were just acquaintances of mine.
And they were all nerds who took Latin in school, which meant I never had to explain anything to them; they understood well enough, and it made for a nice change.

Atrox was a biggish galoot, wide in the shoulders, narrow in the feet, and excessively tall. He preferred spears, staves, bo, javelins, the lot. Sometimes they had cross-braces and sometimes not; but when he joined in the ranks of larger parties, he was invariably elected to carry the coat of arms. It rankled him some, but few enough people could defend themselves with it.

He was also convinced that he was absolutely terrible. He wasn't, but that didn't stop him from moaning about it between engagements. From what impressions I got from the others, only a stern look from me ever shut him up, but he never stayed that way for long.

Copia was pencil thin and short, but she had a mane of flaming red hair. It was tied back into a tight braided bun whenever she was active, but otherwise, it was kept in a straight braid, whipping around often because she had a tendency to turn her head sharply. If you weren't sitting close enough, and someone opposite you caught her attention, you were due for an accidental whipping.

She preferred ranged weapons, bows, crossbows, slings, and the like; and would rather stand a few rows back from the front lines, all the better not to be trampled. She also had remarkable skill nailing targets during volleys.

Copia teased Atrox, goading him, and I once saw her climbing him like a jungle-gym set, but to my knowledge, they were friends and nothing more.

Recte, the third member of their crew, is hard to explain. He was quiet, not unlike myself, but never said a word. His specialty was stealth, and I can honestly say I have no idea what he actually looked like. He communicated exclusively through hand signals, which Copia and Atrox seemed to be completely fluent in, regardless how ridiculous the message they claimed he was passing on.

After a while, I gained a feel for concepts, but never could pick up on the degree of specifics that the other two could. Despite that, he never showed annoyance, or anger, and every time I asked how he joined up with Atrox and Copia, I got a different story.

I rather suspect Recte just showed up one day, and by the time they noticed, he had become a regular fixture.

Atrox, Copia, and Recte. And sometimes Satis. If nothing else, they never let things get boring. They tended to disappear off on long engagements, all signing up as mercenaries for the same side; I wouldn't see them for weeks or months at a time. But when things were feeling particularly slow, when I started to feel the least bit of boredom in my routine, they'd show up and hang around just long enough for me to start yearning for the routine, and then they'd be off once again.

Like I said, I'd never really call them friends of mine, but I think they considered me one of theirs.

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