Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WSWM13: B06

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I was out walking in the forest earlier, picking herbs for health potions (yes, I often brew my own) when I found a unusually gilded sword. Now, I'm no stranger to finding strange things in my walking, but few swords were gilded like this one; the working was perfect, equisite, but not overdone, which is something of a problem in these parts.

I would have picked it up and taken it with me, but it looked rather firmly sheathed in a stone.

Now, I can fit a lot of things into my inventory--a lot more than most--and sure, they seem to lose all or most of their weight when I get them into my pocket, but before they get into my pocket, they weigh what you'd normally expect.

I didn't touch it. I've read my share of classic fiction, and also watched my share of quests. I knew better than to plunder willy-nilly into those sorts of things without reading the fine print first; a lesson learned by too few of those think-headed adventurer-types who like to hear themselves talk, which is a shame, really.

I don't think they ever learn.

I do learn, which is suppose is a shame in and of itself, because I don't get to go on wild goose-chases; I know better.

Ignorance must be bliss, because the lack of ignorance certainly isn't.

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