Sunday, August 4, 2013

WSWM13: B04

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I mentioned dungeons before, and I invariably will again, so I might as well explain what they are to those who don't understand.

They're like real dungeons, places where monsters are kept, and the more violent and dangerous are kept furthest from the entrance. That's about where the similarity ends.

For one, the front door isn't locked, and two, they're not all dark and dreary. The rooms themselves are sometimes locked, depending on the nature of the dungeon, and there's treasure. Lots of treasure of varying value; some of the quality I'm used to picking up during my work shift, and some I almost never see, mostly because by the time I get deep enough to see the pricier stuff, I'm overtaken by someone else doing a speed run and taking advantage of the rooms I cleaned out for them.

I get overtaken a lot, and while it annoys me a bit, I've gotten pretty used to it. That doesn't mean I exit the dungeon; by no means! I'll follow along in their wake instead, grabbing the loot that they decided wasn't worth enough to haul back to civilization.

But at the bottom (or top, or end, depending on which way the dungeon goes) there's an altar with an enormous chest, and the rarest and most expensive items in the entire dungeon are there. Well, usually. Sometimes the treasure isn't there, because someone made it to the altar first, and it hasn't reset set, or they were waiting in the bottom while it reset, took the items and ran off without anyone noticing, or the game could just be pranking you.

Behind the chest and the altar is a deep pit, rather looks more like a crater, and within that is a giant floating statue, more often than not mystical in some way, its face floating level or above the chest in front of it. It's mostly just there for decoration, but the left behind refuse congregates on the bottom of the pit, and only the garbageman has access.

Like I said, it's usually just refuse, but sometimes, something truly rare and worthwhile ends up there.

What causes that?

Well, speed runners don't always notice everything they should, and sometimes toss away items without actually looking at them first. Sometimes raiding parties have arguements about how to divvy up the spoils, and somebody gets the idea that if they can't have the item, then nobody can; they throw the item down where they think nobody has access: the crater below the floating statue. Sometimes, even the meticulous make a mistake, trying to decide which items to take and which items won't fit into their inventory slots, and they make a bad call.

So that's what I get to clean up. There's a small access door somewhere, usually near the entrance of the dungeon so I don't have to clear out the monsters to take out the garbage. It doesn't take a special key to open, just a knowledge of where to look, and access granted by administrators just in case someone did find it.

If you were hoping for a special artifact to open it, sorry if I disappointed you. Like I said, there's nothing special about me, or I'm not Satis the Good Enough.

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