Monday, August 5, 2013

WSWM13: B05

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In many worlds in many games, when you set up your character you select a class, right? So what's my class?

Well, here in... I really can't keep calling it Here, so let's start by giving this place a nom de plume. I think Anseo will do well.

Here in Anseo (wow, more repetition), it doesn't work that way. Sure, you build your physical likeness, but that's it. Everything else is how you play the game. As you grow as a player, it gives you options, opportunities to specialize, like getting offers to train under specific schools or masters. Actually, it's not "like" that at all; it's exactly that.

The offers I got didn't come in for the longest time, with my playing style. By the time they did, I was already adapted and comfortable playing as "undecided."

The only benefit to it is that I don't lose skill points by using off-class weapons. Since I don't have a speciality, technically, no weapon or equipment is "off-class." Of course, since I don't have a speciality, I don't get bonuses from any weapons or equipment that I use. You could say my sword has no name and no soul, if I used one, that is; the only heart in my cards is the one in my chest.

Now, in some games, if you use weapons that are off-speciality, you just fumble around with them and never gain any skill, but in Anseo, that doesn't hold true. Whatever you use, you gain skill in the using of it. Hypothetically, any class could gain enough skill in an off-class weapon to negate the off-class penalty, but nobody does; they find what fits their style and stick with it.

Why do I use two tonfas and three sais?

That's what I own and practice with outside the game. I supposed you could say I get some bonus from actual practice, but it doesn't work out that way.

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