Sunday, April 28, 2013

Invitation to Outer Space

I'm not trapped here on the ground,
but every time I spread my wings
there's something out there chasing me...
darkness bringing poor tidings.

I don't want to tear you limb-by-limb,
just catch and hold you close.
I want a flying companion
where the sky ever grows.

I can flit and flicker homeward,
I can dance across the sky,
I can suckle on poison trees,
but I dare not go so high.

I can hang up in the air,
don't need wax to hold me aloft,
but it's so lonely in the sky
and your flowers look so soft.

No, don't follow me down here,
nay, keep away!
I don't want-- what are you doing?
--Oh, wow! I never knew the world this way.

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