Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Don't Roar

Corner of no and where
We're very much alone out here.

This is my window out into the world,
thirteen by eleven, impossibly deep.
I sit and watch it all fly by,
you work and live, I wait and sleep.

It still gets very crowded,
though I've got no company;
thoughts always coming
and always clamoring.

I just wish I could reach through,
and touch with more than my words.
Or jack my hardline in
so my heart doesn't hurt.

I've wanted to be a lion,
a cat or a fox,
but instead I'm just wallpaper
trapped inside the box.

You might as well though,
I have a mighty roar. 

Italicized text from Jubal Early, "Objects in Space," of Firefly

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