Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dancing With The Stars

go swimming with the fishes,
go running with the bulls,
go hunting with the archer,
until you've had your full

go in the footsteps of the lion,
go shopping with the scales,
go to bed with the virgin,
wake up feeling pale.

go sandsurfing with the scorpion,
go to the well with the 'bearer,
go charging with the ram,
until your goals are nearer.

go exploring with the twins,
go rockhopping with the goat,
snuggle close with the crab,
wake up and count your toes.

go dancing with Sol your Father,
while your cousins circle overhead.
upon the skin of Gaia your Mother,
while the stars wheel above your head.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Left-Right Lottery

stick 'em up and out and on,
hold 'em wide and hold 'em long,
give 'em a kiss and breathe in deep
while I decide which eye to keep.

perhaps your ears, you don't need both,
though one's not funny, just uncouth.

or maybe I'll aim lower still,
no more hands dipped in the till,
take off the shoulder, or just the wrist,
don't be afraid, I won't miss.

I won't point them at your feet,
but maybe somewhere in between...?

Monday, February 4, 2013


reach out and grab the heat,
reach out and grab the light.
every break of the monotony
is very well worth the fight.

you can't hardly burn me
as I'm already dust and ash,
while I lived my future,
fire burned my past.


you aren't coming back to me,
you're just on the other side.
I've got nothing left for you,
but still you're holding by.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Your Body Is The Basket

put all your eggs in one basket,
put all your money on the line,
put all your hope in one chance,
pray you've done it all in time.

put your wager on the table,
set down your savings whole:
the time's ticking every moment
you waste deciding on your goal.

it's not how you win or lose,
as we all die in the end.
all that matters is the journey
and the message that you send.

it's not about a photo finish,
it's not about a running start.
it's not about how fast you run,
but how you touch their hearts.