Sunday, October 7, 2012

These Woods Aren't Lovely, Just Dark and Deep

tired of being alone
but dating will destroy me
tired of being lost
but a map isn't what I need
tired of being cold
but fire will burn me out
tired of moving forward
but behind lies only doubt

tired of being alone
so find another way around
tired of being lost
so stop and listen for the sound
tired of being cold
so warm up gradually
tired of moving forward
so jump up and fly with me,

I'm tired of being alone,
but I don't have any friends,
no-one to talk to
and help me make amends.
I'm tired of being lost,
but I'm not worth being found;
no-thing to keep me present,
give me a reason to stick around.
I'm tired of being cold,
but it's not my body shivering;
my heart is dark and wasted,
so I can hardly feel a thing.
I'm tired of moving forward,
but I don't have anywhere to go;
I made myself a promise...
when I've completed my promise...
I have a lost love to follow.

I don't know how to fix me,
and I can hardly fall apart--
I'm already broken deep inside,
only a mortician can mend my heart.

First two lines are not my own.

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