Thursday, August 2, 2012

As Above, Moreso Below

plant for me a tree,
and in its branches a sapling,
let them grow and tower high,
reaching to the sky,
even as i dig down low.

nothing can breach my clouds of coal,
even as i plunder so low,
ponds of lava, bubble and sigh,
while i've forgotten about the sky,
on iron bars i fly more free.

the green breaks atmosphere,
a wonder shadowing everywhere,
all i see is a hole in space
leading to another place
that knows nothing of the sky.

at home at last i build my keep,
within a place i will sleep,
all brought in from world behind
where only the stone was kind,
and fire burned so fleetingly.

plant for me a seed,
here will never grow to weep,
never to die of age,
always to fight for grace,
where only ghosts will follow.

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