Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Isn't Melancholy

sorrow tried to consume me
but I beat it back with a stick.
anger tried to defend it,
but I gave it a good lick.
happiness tried to lift me,
but I popped all its balloons.
freedom tried to blow me away,
but I was wearing lead shoes.
disappointment tried to convert me,
but I know what I believe.
guilt tried to distract me,
but I know the lies it weaves
love tried to free me,
but I locked myself deep inside.
betrayal tried to kill me,
but I whipped its hide.

apathy sidled up to me,
watched as I pushed them away,
waited 'til I slept--then held me,
slowly turning the world grey.
when I woke it offered me peace,
and I took it in my hands.
it never tricked me, never tried,
and I never suspected its true plans.

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