Saturday, July 14, 2012

Abused: My Friend (Mature)

Mature Content

there's nothing going right,
it's all going wrong.
it's all my fault--
I just don't belong.

Daddy never hurt me,
but now he's left and gone.
new Daddy changed Mommy,
I'm punished for her wrongs.

he beats me and threatens
and there's no going back.
I'm bruised, broken, fading,
my body's limp and slack.

he steps up the torture,
since the "little" does "no good."
I close my eyes. I give up.
I'd suicide if I could.

a hand catches the belt,
the fist, the stick, the chain.
he sees eyes of wild
and fears it won't ever be the same.

it's not me standing tall,
I'm still curled up deep inside.
a new voice whispers to me,
"I'll protect you. It's alright."

new Daddy sees the challenge,
and steps it up again,
but she's too fast and strikes first.
I know he's defeated then.

she tells me she'll be there
when he does it next,
will stop it before it starts,
to just close my eyes and ex't.

she apologizes for taking so long
to wake up inside my head,
but now she'll be there forever,
to protect and help me mend.

there's nothing going right,
but now I have a shield.
she takes over when I'm hurt,
fights when I just yield.

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