Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heavenly vs Earthly

I leave notes where you won't find them:

Glad I stopped by,
Wishing I could join.
Regretted not joining,
Regretted letting myself get old,
Regretted too much...

When she left us, I promised myself:
I would take chances;
I would try new things;
I would remember that youth is a phase;
And we all get old eventually;
And we all die eventually;
But not all of us take the time to live first;
I would try to live first,
Never knowing if I was hastening to my passing,
But enjoying life instead of caring.

I forget that vow some times,
Letting my joint pain rule me.

I want to show up next time,
Screw the pain,
Play all night,
And wake up next to someone in the morning.
(even if they have to help me climb out of bed)

Oh, and thanks for the hug.

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