Friday, May 11, 2012


"What is the first rule of FGHT Club?" John pronounced it "fight."

"Talk about FGHT Club!" his compatriots shouted back eagerly.

"And what is the second rule of FGHT Club?"

"Talk about FGHT Club!"

"And what is the third rule of FGHT Club?"

"Never sacrifice comfort for control!"

"With these rules, I open this session of FGHT Club." John banged his inflatable squeaky gavel once and then laid it aside. "Now, before we start our games, I do have some news."

The two other members of the club stopped reaching for their bags and controllers and looked up.

"As you probably know, the school board gives every club a small budget to spend on trips and event and such." There were nods all around. "Well, since we have no need for trips and such, our faculty advisor and I have been negotiating for an alternate use for this allowance."

John nodded to their advisor, Mr. Wyndom, who until now had been sitting quietly in the corner working on his computer, but now picked up a very large binder from his desk and carried it over.

"Instead of just taking it away from us, they've let us spend it on 'renting' space on the school servers. They've given us some conditions, which I will go over in a moment, but first, I want to tell you what we've down with our new corner of the server:

"We are now the newest hosts and administrators to our own Minecraft server!"

Both of the members' face lit up, and one of them started shaking so badly he had to sit down.

"Now, there are a few rules that the school board has put in place. First off, we must manage it ourselves. We have a manual," and with a thud, Mr. Wyndom dropped the binder on the table between them, "and we will soon all have sub-administrator accounts. Secondly, everybody here must sign a waiver not to go doing anything illegal; our activities will be watched very closely, and the Minecraft server will be password protected. Thirdly, only local players may join. Fourth, no playing during school hours. And finally, though they recognize that the server my crash from time to time, we must ensure that before we leave, it must be reset and running every night. Understood?"

The both nodded, and took the waivers that Mr. Wyndom pulled out of the front of the binder, signing eagerly. He took the sheets back, and returned to his corner, leaving the binder where it lay.

"Alright, the server is already installed and waiting for us to start building. You guys ready?"

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