Friday, April 13, 2012

Security Bandages

I wake up every morning
with my joints wrapped ankle to wrist,
knowing what the day brings:
more pain, just like this.

I woke up yester' morning,
expecting nothing new,
but when I unwrapped to rewrap
my body came unglued.

I left my left hand lying
on my pillow all alone
while I went to work that day,
my plans still unknown.

I didn't rewrap before bed,
my left hand still laid aside,
and when I woke this morn,
another fell off in the night.

This time it was the elbow
that pains me on to lean,
now I have spare bandages,
but no way old ones to clean.

When I lay me down to sleep,
I fear what comes the morn:
not for my shoulder,
but what other ligaments be torn.

When they each do fall,
so too goes away the pain.
Perhaps this shall be good for me,
my liver may be regained.

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