Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reavers Are Among Us (Mature)

Mature Content

There are two types of suicidal people in the world: those who start the physical act before completing the mental, and those who complete the mental act before starting the physical.

Those who start the physical act before they complete the mental act have an opportunity to regret their decision, an opportunity to change their mind. They're more likely to have old scars on their wrists, histories of institutionalization and hospitalization, or legally deemed a danger to themselves.

Those who complete the mental suicide before starting the physical act are the ones who sneak up on you, and it isn't until after they're gone that all the signs become apparent. These are not going to hold back once they start cutting. They may not have mental health histories.

I belong to the second group, the unlucky ones. I was saved before I reached the mental limit, but I refuse to attribute it to God or religion. I can only thank my family, my friends, my upbringing, and my art.

I've looked over the edge of space, and seen the darkness, and returned from it. I am not a reaver, but a reaver lives inside me still.

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