Friday, March 2, 2012

Choose Your Own: D.I.O. Ch 2

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I sat for a long while, thinking about everything. The choices I'd made to come here, not just here here, but this vacation, this point in my life.

I'd made a good hobby out of dream studies, good enough to suppliment my income, and I knew my personal weak points in those fabricated realities. I knew the which dream signs worked for me and which didn't. I gave them a run through, and then a second time. By the third time, I was checking out those that normally gave me false-positives (or false-negatives).

I didn't try a fourth time. There was no point. Besides which, a glow was starting to rise out of what I decided would be east, and I knew it was time to make a decision.

a. Should I stay with the car longer, inventory my supplies, and maybe hope the fog rolls back in?
b. Should I leave the car, walk back up the mountainside, and hope for a portal back home?
c. Should I head downhill for some reconnaissance before making a decision?

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