Friday, March 2, 2012

Choose Your Own: D.I.O. Ch 1

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The music was building slowly, and I bolted upright. I recognized the music. The fog had gone while I slept, and I saw a rolling hillside out my driver's-side window, below my mountainside.

I pressed the eject button on the player, and out the disc came with no funny business this time.


It was a data disc alright, something my CD player should not have been able to read. But it wasn't just any data disc, it was a video game disc.

Nothing etheral had put it there, this was one of my own, a game I was well familiar with. Chance would have it that I had flipped to the wrong page in the case, and grabbed the wrong disc.

But if what I was seeing was real, and I knew I wasn't dreaming--at least in the normal sense of the word--then something etheral had happened to my car to let it play.

And not just play, but also unfold.

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