Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dream Journal: 31 Dec 2011

First dream:
At a hotel with various schoolmates and school chaperones, for out-of-state school function, except there was a mix of people from different schools (BO from BHS, KS from WCC, SS from CJS, are those that I remember).

SS asked for a prayer session for some reason, and everyone was asked to attend, but I skipped out. I went to the room I was sharing with BO and three other guys and started reading five books that BO had lent to me.

The first book was by a different author than the other four but referred to them, and used a currency called an Enwa.

Second dream:
I was living in an apt complex right next to CB's (BHS) old house.

Third dream:
GD (WCC) and I were fooling around at work, and got told off for it, so he started passing notes like Seiai and I did in high school English.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dream Journal: 28 Dec 2011

Went shopping for orange.

Found some.

Not An Easy Choice

put me on a pedestal
to watch you melt from head to toe,
lift me above everything
to show the world my glow.

put me on a tower-top
to watch over your country wide,
lift your arms in salute,
and march your feet in time.

put me atop the clouds,
to draw travelers from afar.
worship while the sun does shine,
then compare to distant stars.

or put me at your side,
and love me every day.
let me live with mortality,
and you'll never rue the day.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dream Journal: 27 Dec 2011

There was a serial bomber who hadn't been caught, but he left tips at all the locations that were going to get hit. Hats, with college initials, most of them from BFUN.

My dad (who looked suspiciously like Nathan Fillion) was out golfing with two buddies (who looked suspiciously like the two sidekicks from Castle) were golfing in the woods, when they started seeing hats with the initials BFUN. They followed the trail and came out in our backyard (I hadn't moved out yet). There were dozens of hats in a large tree in our backyard, and the bomber rarely left more that five or so at a target. I knew the bomb was going to be big.

(Gained control here)

The buddies vanished, and Dad and I ran inside. I started packing, and told Dad "I told you earlier that some friends and I were going hiking and camping out in Ogle. They're getting started a few days early, so I'm going to join them early," meanwhile scribbling on a piece of paper that he should go to my grandparents' and his parents-in-law and to get in touch with Mom (who was out shopping).

I started packing necessities and grabbed my external hard drive, but left the rest of my computer behind, and made sure Dad saw what I was doing. After I had everything packed, I called the local non-emergency police number, and told them "I think we're having some problems with our gas line, but I don't want to stay in the house and dig for the number." When they asked if I knew who our supplier was, I said "BF something." They thanked me and said they'd send someone over.

I drove to Hoshi's house, and picked her up (she lived in the same subdivision) and told her to tell her folks the same reason I was using. She packed a few bags, threw them in my car, and I drove to another friend in-town, further west. (Seiai, who used to live closer, had already moved away.)

I hopped on his wifi, and start sending out messages to other local friends, asking them to trust my gut instinct and get out of town for a few days. My screen started twitching and misbehaving, and I popped out the battery (one of the fastest ways to turn it off).

Kyle--the friends whose house we were at--was freaked out what I just did to my laptop.

I told him my computer scans itself every time it boots, and if something doesn't look right, like a virus, it wipes itself and loads factory defaults.

"What about your data?"

"It's not stored locally. This, my friend, is the future in cloud computing: the CR48."

He was amazed that I had one (didn't say anything but I could see it). I turned my computer back on, and as I signed back on, I woke up.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dream Journal: 20 Dec 2011

Dreaming I was hired and on my first day shift at Waldenbooks on my birthday, and the staff is celebrating it even though I told them not to.

The store has a wetbar.

I took off my badge, laid down on a bench inside the store, and started dreaming.

Woke, no memory of the dream inside a dream.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dream Journal: 16 Dec 2011

I became a student of an older tutor in college. He was a collector of strange artifacts, and he taught me that those artifacts did more than have historical value or sit on a shelf and look nice.

The first that he showed me was a ring that made the wearer invisible, and he gave it to me while I helped him hunt down more artifacts. The ring was steel with two angled edges and a split between the two, instead of being simply rounded. This ring he had found in his younger days, but now he was getting too old to hunt down the others.

The second he showed me was a blade that could cut through anything.

I was not the only of his students, but I was the first, the most dedicated, and the most trustworthy. He let me hold onto the useful artifacts between jobs.

I was a loner and the second student was jealous of my sucess and special treatment.

One day, I was walking in a large outdoor mall with the sword strapped to my back and the ring around the hilt so no one could see it. I also wore a pairr of sunglasses that allowed me to hear the surface thoughts of people around me, and I'd practiced with them long enough to not be overwhelmed and to sift through them.

He attacked me, and wrestled the sword from my grasp, but not before I was able to slip on the ring. I ran into a service hallway, and threw open the door at the other end, but instead of running out, I climbed up to the steel i-beams holding the ceiling and hung there. He didn't fall for my trick, and I avoided his attacks by listening to his thoughts, but I knew he was going to catch me eventually.

I took off the glasses and taped them to the top of the i-beam where nobody would find them, and then slipped an artifact of my own creation into my mouth. I swung my body, so that when I hit the floor, I'd be under a different i-beam.

The artifact I made was a ring carved by hand out of wood, and made me appear dead. I clenched my teeth around it, and when he reached down, he felt no breath or pulse. He carried me out back and transmuted a hole through the asphalt and left me there, still wearing the invisibility ring.

I wasn't afraid.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dream Journal: 12 Dec 2011

I'm reading a book while lying in bed about a group of people called the shoshendi. There is a powerful mad magician on the loose and he is attacking cities and houses randomly in the desert region.

A small house alone on the beach where an artist lives comes up with the idea to put up a large billboard between his house and the approach of the man that shows nothing but bare desert.

The magician comes, and seeing nothing but bare beach, leaves without doing anything.

The artist tells the council of a city, and he recommends that they "deestroy" their city, such that it already looks abandoned and ruined. The council votes, and by a small margin, the decision passes.

A woman and a man are out of the city several miles, and they cannot see it. He is flirting with her, trying to convince her to act more femine and needy, when she senses something wrong with the city.

He tries to stop her but she beats him, throws him to the ground, climbs on her horse and rides towards the city. She sees the madman approaching the city in ruin slowly, confusedly. The wall is fallen, gate hanging off its hinges, and still smoking.

I hear an alarm and wake.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dance-Class Homework

"Alright, I've been working on this one for time, and I must admit, something about it didn't feel completely right. I enjoyed the concept of basing a dance off a video online, and I made sure that Mr. Basell was fine with a video that was actually dancing, though he had his misgivings, especially with the etheral nature of my choice video.

"But something... happened. I don't really understand it. I felt something etheral. Something or someone that wanted to dance with me. I don't know if it will work here, but I'd still like to give it a try."

Mr. Basell nodded in understanding, and knew my ability to perform wouldn't be terribly hampered if it didn't work.

I hadn't brought a CD with the music, but instead had an A/V cord that I plugged into the dance class's stereo and my cell phone. The video was downloaded into my phone, and those close to the stage could barely make out the screen.

It went black, and the words "Though Of You" faded in, and then out again. I laid on the stage, closed my eyes, and as the music started, I lost myself to the movement.

I woke up, and wished that I was dead
And that aching in my head,
I lay motionless in bed.
I thought of you, and where you've gone...

There she was. I could see her shining, dancing brightly beside me, and I felt dim by comparison.

And the world spins madly on.

I reach out for her tentatively, and felt her reaching back for me. A tingle rushed up my spine and down my arm.

And everything that asked that I'd do
Like make the world brand new,
And take the time for you
I just got lost, and stepped right through the door
And the world spins madly on.

I fell to the floor in awe. She was perfect for me, and I for her, and yet we were so far out of each other's reach.

And I let the day go by
And I always say goodbye

She jumped, and I caught her, just as I promised I always would, whenever she felt herself falling.

I watched the stars from my windowsill
The whole world is moving and I'm standing still.

My eyes were still closed to the class, I have no idea what they saw, but I know they were standing still, and I was the only thing in the room moving. We danced as I'd always dreamt we would, someday.

I woke up and wished that I was dead,
And that aching in my head
I lay motionless in bed.

She faded, dimming here, as she had each time, but I was not worried.

And night is here, the day is gone,
And the world spins madly on.

There she was, brighter than ever, wearing wings of light that I'd always dreamed she'd had.

I thought of you, and where you'd gone
And the world spins madly on.

I chased after her, but I never had her grace. She flew without needing wings, danced without needing life, touched me without corporeality.

And the world spins madly on.
She outshone me, and I could never seem to measure up to her ideal.

And the world spins madly on...
I felt myself fading.

And on...
She grew heavier in my arms, more solid, more real. I squeezed her tightly, breathing in the grape smell of her hair.

And on.
I walked off the stage, away from her, and when I opened my eyes, the world was gone.


And on...

"Who are you?"

The girl on the stage stared at her hands as if she hadn't seen them before.

Mr. Basell rushed on stage and grabbed her shoulders. "Who are you?" he repeated, "and where did John go?"

And on...

"John? John was here, holding me... I felt like I'd finally come home. He... oh no." She fell to her knees and wept.

And on.

Italicized text from The Wheepies' "World Spins Madly On." Dance inspired by "Thought of You," animated by Ryan Woodward. Inspired by a dream from 8 Dec 2011.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Lunchtime at 1B

"Okay, so what would you like for lunch?"

"What's the menu?"

"Well, I can make teriyaki chicken, parmesean chicken, and my new favorite, lime chicken."

"Can you make anything that doesn't have chicken in it?"

"Well, sure."

"Like what?"


Friday, December 2, 2011

Hey You

Hey you! Yeah, you, the person who's reading this even though I've sworn you out of my life and refuse to talk to you. I know you've been stalking me and my accounts, and treating friends we have in common like shit because they hang out with me. I know you'd like to think that you had the sort of power over your friends that would get them to boycott me, but you don't. And don't try to deny it either: just because we're not talking doesn't mean I don't have ways of keeping tabs on you and your petty hissyfits.

Oh, and by the way, I've unblocked you from my accounts, but not so that we can get in contact again. No, it's to taunt you. You're a bitch and idiot and I don't want to be anything more than enemies, though you really don't register enough care to even fit in that category. You're like a child who's spotted the chocolates on the top shelf of the pantry, but I bolted down all the chairs so you can't move them to reach them.

The great part of this is: the only way you can keep me from succeeding in this endeavor is to move on and ignore anything I do or say to or with any of your friends. In which case, I still win.

So it's a lose-lose situation for you. Which is it going to be?

Oh, and I have it on good authority that a few people who know you would be willing to screw around with whomever you're currently involved with just to spite you. I told them I'd get back with you just to do it.