Monday, November 21, 2011

4:49 AM

The banging on my door woke me immediately, though I wasn't certain it was my door being banged on. I stumbled out of bed, checked the lightly glowing digital clock above my headboard, and navigated my messy floor to my front door. There were two gentlemen in officers' uniforms that I could see through the peep-hole.

I unlocked the deadbolt and pulled the door open to the limit of the chain. "How can I help you, officers?"

"We have some things that might be yours."

"Alright, just a moment, let me get my glasses." I closed the door softly, retreated to my bed where my glasses lay, and returned to the front door, unhooking the chain and pulling the door wide. I saw what one of the officers was holding, and remembered verbally. "Two notebooks, a charger, and a paycheck stub."

"That's right. That's how we found this address. May we see some ID just to confirm?"

"Sure. Just a moment." I backed away from the door, leaving it open, as they stood holding open my screen door and letting my precious warmth leak out.

"May we come in?"

"I'd rather not, it's a bit messy," I said, loud enough to be heard from the other side of the room.

"A bit messy?" I heard them chuckle as they leaned over the threshold unnecessarily and shined their flashlights in, undoubtably spotting the past week's supply of apple juice jugs lying empty on the floor.

I returned, holding the bundle that I keep in my pocket during the day for easy access: work ID, credit card, library card, medical insurance card, and my driver's license, wrapped by spare hair-ties. I separated my license from the middle of the bundle.

"Why are your hands shaking?"

I paused in my breath before answering, and decided to give the simplest and shortest reason, even though it was neither completely true, nor completely false. "It's genetic." I handed over my ID.

They nodded at my answer and checked the card extra carefully, before affirming my identity and handing it back to me, followed closely by the pile of belongings that was formerly resting on the back of my car. "Have a good night."

"Thank you gentlemen." I closed and re-bolted my door, before returning to bed.

Never A Hope

I'm standing all alone,
and waiting to go last.
The day's been long in coming,
the hour quick and fast,

but it's late in the day,
and I've kept you waiting long;
dinner's on the way
and your attention ain't so strong.

You never had a hope for me,
you barely knew my name,
you just saw me as fodder
for your silly game.

I'm just a little too little,
and just a little too late,
until I saw your dinner,
you only saw your plate.

But when I drew my string,
lifted my heart to make my play,
I heard the music meant for me,
and knew this was my day.

You gave your pig a poke,
ignoring the apple in its jaw;
the orb was the net
that would capture your awe.

You never had a hope for me,
you barely knew my name,
but when I pinned your dinner to the wall,
things could never be the same.