Saturday, March 12, 2011


why can't you let her rest,
you signed in with her name again.
it's obvious she's not coming back,
can't you let her have her peace!

you signed in with her name again!
so now I must go in and change it
so you will let her have her peace,
let everlasting silence come again.

I went in and changed the password,
so you stop pretending you can have her name,
let the name sink into silence again,
and finally let her rest.


don't you ever wonder.
she begged me for that tablet.
an overly expensive gift
for that christmas.

she wanted that tablet,
begged me for it,
spread it between birthday and christmas.
she never saw that christmas.

she begged me for
what you now own,
receive for a holiday she couldn't reach.
or was it a pity gift?

you now own that tablet,
the overly expensive goft.
don't you ever wonder?


the thoughts burn me inside.
I never hated you,
hope you could forgive,
I gave her up for you.

when I see what you might enjoy
I send it over, though I get spite back,
I gave the same to her;
reminders I still think of you.

I'm not asking you to replace
the joy I found in her,
the memories are reminders enough

I'm not asking even for friendship.
(hope you could forgive)
just civil acquaintanceships. burn me inside.

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