Monday, February 28, 2011

Nearly Anonymous

you keep trying to block me
but I'm more numerous than you know
I have names long stashed away,
sleeper cells ready to go.

Monday, February 21, 2011


close your eyes
           ...go, and be peace

Minnistry of Memories

more than just a black and white,
since by color we do not judge,
but when the body cannot bear her soul,
we can only provide the final crutch.

come so far and learn so much,
along this green, grassy road;
where the cats don't care,
the tennis balls don't wear,
and experience is worth so much more than gold.

her eyes are sad but for unfading glow,
tragic intermission in her show.

tonight her body will be laid to rest,
and her brilliant soul set free;
we wish her good journeys, all the best,
and soon enough, again, we'll meet.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is This Why You're Staring?

you're sitting there, and leaning
over the balustrade, and thinking
there are words on his tongue.

you're smiling there, and meaning
to get up and ask, and dreaming
those words are meant for you.

you're standing there, and waiting
for your mind to stop whirling, deliberating
the lyrics he leaves unsung.

you're leaning forward, and wanting
his pen to start moving and jotting
those words he gifts to you.

Blindingly Bright

regardless how dark you dress,
your soul is still bright,
your spirit lights up the room for me,
I'm more apt to stay and fight.

regardless how the gloom
tries to come and bear us down,
your determination
helps me hold my ground.

you may disappear into the shadows
but you never leave my heart,
I know you're there and fighting,
so I'll stay and do my part.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It Doesn't Have To Be A Dream

where we can run and
where we can explore,
where we can fly and
where we can soar,
where there's no limit,
no city, no night,
there we can live
in both shadows and light.

where utopia may reside
where we've got nothing left to hide.
here I'll be free
when there's no-one with me,
just the sun on my back
and wind 'neath my wings.

The Reclamation

Here lie the remnants.

towers once tall and yearning,
fires long since quenched their burning,
now grow vines
on what's left behind
of the city.

Nothing left to torment.

the limit of human audacity
to hide from the depravity
in buildings high
breaching the sky
and nature's dignity.

Friday, February 18, 2011


plug me into my visions
where I never feel the pain
of living, caring, losing,
and the colors never drain

plug me into a world
where I can forget this one exists
the killing, hating, betraying;
my friends waiting to whisk
me away.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Interpretation: Living In Two Worlds, Sleeping In One

There are two windows in my bedroom,
one I look out every day,
one I look out every night.
I see my neighbor out the one,
out the other, a magic sight.

This started from a prompt about what you see looking out your bedroom window, either a photograph, a drawing, or a written piece. Naturally, I chose the written style, as it is my primary artistic style. What I see out of my window, the one that actually sits in the wall and that light shines through in the morning (it faces east) and moonlight shines through at night, it my neighbor's back yard. It's not a particularly nice backyard either.

However, since I am a good dreamer, and I have already created pieces talking about how I'm looking through a window into a new world as a form of escape (found in "Welcome Home" and "The Window"), I drew on that to create a window here. The window is a portal to my subconscious, and to climb through it, all I have to do is close my eyes here.

The window in the day
is just a window in my wall.
But the window in the night
is a window to my soul.

Every dream I've dreamt,
every memory that I've held,
every fear I've broken,
every demon that I've felled,

every time I close my eyes
and see the other place I live:
I open the pane,
leap through it again,
spread my arms, soar and fly.

No need to shake me from my bed,
I'm already moving, ready again.
No need to repeat what you just said:
I've been looking forward to this all day.

Open the window
Open the sky
Open your arms
and let us fly

Open your mind,
Open your soul,
Open the cage,
and soon be whole.

Open the pool
dive in to your dreams,
what I see from this window
is not what it seems.

There is nothing that I cannot do here, fly, swim, run without concern of exhaustion, lie without joint pain (as I suffer from in this world), create endlessly and with no boundaries.

We journeyed so far tonight,
but now I must return.
This body needs to sleep,
it's my other world's turn.

Unfortunately, I can only play in that world for so long before I must return to this one. Over there, there is a house, just like the one I live in when I'm awake, but the only room inside is my bedroom, and the only way in is my bedroom's window.

The only way out is to lie down in my bed, close my eyes, and reach again through that window inside my head, and step through into the waking world once more. This leads to a question the I have addressed in Dream Classier, which is: how do we tell which is the real world? Which one do we really sleep in, and dream of the other?

Why can't both places be just as real? Two bodies, one soul, and the body without the soul must sleep still and sleep.

Open my eyes, climb out of bed,
my feet touch the ground.
I may not fly, 'til tomorrow night,
for now, I'm gravity-bound.

This poem is available on my deviantArt account here.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Switch In My Head

the enemy's gate is down,
and my head is up...
in the clouds,
in the sky,
and I'm passing o'er the battle high,
but never high enough.

throw the switch in my head
and turn the world about...
once o'er the ground,
now upside-down
and the battle rains down instead;
now has too far to drop.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paper Cuts Deeper Than Swords

you don't know the times
I bled out onto the page,
wrestling with my demons,
regretting my inner rage.

you don't know how I fought
to stand here and say this tonight.
just please honor my sacrifice
for freedom, for my life.

Dangerous Liaison

you've danced like nobody's watching
and brushed your pain away.
you've stood there always watching,
but you always turn away.

you've brought me all these cures,
reducing most of my strain,
but the greatest of them all
is watching you look away.

Graceful Interruption of Grace

out in the world
row on row
stood the posts
interrupting flow
but dance from cap
to cap to cap
every step will dance
and clap,
and true grace
will follow

Dirty Beauty

pollution makes it pretty,
lights the sky with fire and ice,
coats the world as we watch it,
perhaps it's worth the price.

I wish I had mountains
that I could see from my town,
but all I get are clouds
when they merge with the ground.

The Sidewalk Is No Place For A Lady (Mature)

Mature Content

watch me through the window,
I've got my eye on you.
you can dance out on the sidewalk,

Continue reading on DreamCruder

More Than Enough

just as beautiful when you turn away,
I don't ever have to see your face.
just enough to show your grace,
and I'll never ever know your name.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Untitled (Mature)

Mature Content

i don't have that part
i took a scalpel and cut it out
i don't have that part:
i hollowed me out and sloshed the rest about.

don't tell me who i am
when we've never met before.
don't tell me what i am
or i won't come 'round anymore.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hold On Tight, Life Is A Bumpy Ride

grab your world by the horns
and never let it go.
your body will age
but imagination need not grow.

grab your dreams and hold on tight,
don't let them slip away.
you'll add others to the stack,
but you'll need them all someday.

Overshadowed and Outshined

we both know you can fly,
we both know you can fall,
we both know you're magic,
but I've run up against a wall.

how can I compare
to your wonders glowing bright?
all I can do is sit and watch,
break out some paper and write.

Untitled Controversial Fiction (Mature)

Mature Content

I have to remember things carefully, because otherwise they will take over again, and nobody wants that.

I remember, years ago, before I learned so much of what I now know, wanting friends. I never got along with others, no matter how I tried, and I did try. Something they saw in me made me different in their eyes, even though when you're kids, everybody looks the same. I pitied myself then, not knowing there was strength in standing solitary, or a difference in loneliness and being alone.

I was alone for many years after that, and even after I learned the difference. It was during one night, only a few years ago now, when everything changed. I had a dream.

I'm always having dreams, and I have always been good at remembering them, how vivid they are and how vibrant everything is, but this one was different. The colors were different, but they still seemed right; the sky wasn't blue, but since it didn't feel strange that it wasn't blue, I didn't really take notice of what color it was.

I opened my eyes, and even though I was lying in my bed with my familiar room laid out around me as it was when I had closed them, I knew that I was asleep. I stood, dressed, and walked out of my house. Streetlights glowed more softly than they do here, alternating sides of the road that we lived on. I walked, and though nothing moved, I could feel time moving, slowly, steadily, and painlessly. The subdivision was shaded purple in the night, and I walked for a long time.

Eventually, I came to a house of someone I knew. It barely mattered who they were then, and it doesn't matter now at all. I walked up to the front step and opened the front door. Knowing the neighborhood and how doors were always bolted, I realized that all doors were open to me here. I climbed the stairs to their bedroom, even though I'd never been there, I knew exactly where it was. The hallway was lined with family photos, framed and hanging level. I opened the door to their bedroom, and the purple shading followed me inside.

I sat on their bed, beside their sleeping form. It was calm and peaceful. I felt myself smiling calmly, and reached out to touch them. Their skin was cold. Panicked, I started shaking them, the bed, the room. I was afraid that they would die, even though their identity and life in the waking world wouldn't have mattered much to me; they were just another face. Finally, they shifted, eyes opening as if for the first time seeing the world, and smiled at me.

I left then, as they reached out to my hand to thank me, and their fingers brushed against my skin, still cold. I think they called out to me, or maybe they didn't, but I heard words following me as I left. Thank you for waking me. I've been trapped in that place for so long. I forgot how to leave.

I walked further on into the dreamscape that night, but did eventually return to my home, my room, my own bed, lay down, and close my eyes. When I opened my eyes again, I was standing in the world anew, refreshed, awake, and better than I had felt in a long time.

When I walked into my high school, I caught myself smiling, without realizing I was smiling, without the ache in my cheeks when I force a smile for too long. Nobody looked at me, as they rarely do, but I heard their whispers. A student had died in the night, in their sleep, and the doctors could make no sense of it.

When I heard the name and the address, my knees grew weak. When I saw pictures of their hallway and bedroom, I stumbled. When someone reached out to catch me, I let them think that I was trying to hold back the tears, but inside, I was still smiling.

This piece is not technically another untitled piece. The title of this piece is "Untitled Controversial Fiction."

Take Only Memories

we came and built up the world,
then left and moved away.
the earth has taken back the land,
soon our footprint will be washed away.


give your cap a tilt,
and try not to grin,
I see it playing, hiding
between your jaw and chin.

give your cap a tilt,
and I'll give mine a flip.
it lands safe on my head
(I've been practising quite a bit).

give your cap a tilt,
pretend to look aside,
when I turn away,
leave the ground,
and fly.

Teach You How To Dream

let me open up a world for you,
to where your dreams are real.
let me hold the door as you pass through,
so I know I've helped you feel.

let me let you into my world
where you're not bound to the sand,
where your dreams are flesh and stone,
let me hold your hand.

it's a great big world in there,
in the space between your ears.
I'd be happy to open it up for you,
alleviate all your fears,

just take me along with you,
I'd be the perfect guide:
I know the doors and the ways
that lead you deeper inside.