Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Don't Even Try

you can chain me
but don't change me;
I'm never going back.

you can hold me,
can't withhold me;
I'm already on my track.

you can love me,
don't englove me;
I'm never going to hide my shine.

you can protect me,
but can't defect me;
I know this freedom is mine.

Come Closer (Mature)

Mature Content

come and take me

          I won't hold back

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Merry Go Round

come and play with me til midnight
come and have some wine
come and bring your own muse
and I'll show you a good time.

come and stretch your arms open wide,
come and help me scratch the sky,
come and dive in dreams so deep
to where we'll live and never sleep.

How We March

I don't know what you've been told
       I don't know what you've been told

but the future won't unfold
       but the future won't unfold

if you don't stand and let if go
       if you don't stand and let if go

open your mind and let it grow
       open your mind and let it grow

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gentle Revival

lest you bleed at the sight of green
rest your mind upon this leaf.
let your breath return, and breathe,
let your eyes see what the bubbles bring.

lest the purple makes you choke
rest your spirit upon this rope.
let your heart slow, not stop,
let your masks falter, drop,
and then I'll return you to the ground.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm Your Pretty (And Your Dog Too) (Mature)

Mature Content

you can lock me out
but can't lock me away.
I'm here too strong,
I'm here to stay.

you can refuse to see me
but you will remember and miss
our poisonous touches
and my bitter kiss.

you can turn away
but you can't turn me out:
you're too used to my rain
to survive my drought.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stop Pretending

you can pose
and prosper.

you can moue
and stay mute.

you can huddle,

you can cut
something cute.

you can pretend
you're too good

for the likes
of little me.

you will stumble
you will stutter

when I break away

Even If I Were Blind

you can close your eyes and look away
but you can't discount the words I say.
you can refuse to listen, refuse to hear,
you can decline to acknowledge I'm standing there,
but you're too colorful to be painted in grey.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Parts of Me

I'm broken inside
where you can't see...
broken inside,
and falling deep.

I'm breaking up
when I can reach you,
falling apart
and don't know how to...

how to make you find me,
how to make you see,
how to make you realize
you're a part of me.

The Fallen Have Dreams Too

I caught death staring at me.
He was amazed at all that I could see.
I caught death staring at me;
I stared him down so he could see
everything he wished I could be.

Unforgiven Is Unforgotten

don't hate me for what I didn't do,
don't hate me for what I did.
I may have stepped into your world,
I may have butchered your favorite squid.

I may have done something unforgivable,
but forgiveness is not my game.
all I want is simple enough:
I want you to know my name.


pierce me where it hurts the most,
get in hard and get in close,
break my darkness with your light.
at long last everything will be alright.

take my blessings with the moon,
she's my inheritance, she'll be here soon;
light up my world with your heart
and my world won't fall apart.

lift me, raise me, to your dias high,
I cannot fall once I touch the sky.

All Natural, Chemical Free

give me a book to hold the world in,
to grow the stories that I tell,
a tree nourished by my words:
fertilizer I make myself.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

When Autumn Meets Winter

branches that bend and leaves that fall,
beauty that waits but never does call,
voices that whisper, breath that heats the night,
and sensations that set my heart alight.

I Can't Wait Forever

you can measure all the clouds,
or enjoy them from the ground,
paint perfect colors,
or feel the sunlight all around,

you can attack my pain with Reason,
or you can throw all that away,
you can come sit by my side
since it's you that makes my day.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Anywhere But Here

take me away to somewhere,
wherever you will be.
I'll leave behind my bloodkin
to make my family.

fly with me away, anywhere,
give me walls, a roof, a floor.
I'll be spoiled while I have you
and won't need any more.

drift with me away, somewhere,
float to the ends of the seas,
    til the water merges with the sun,
    til you and I become just one,
to wherever we can breathe.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Arrival

we gather here this night
to witness and to weather,
the joining of the dreamed
and the dreaming at last together.

we congregate and populate,
we mate and conquer the divide,
we think and still postulate,
then we sleep and at last, arrive.

when you wake your spirit lingers,
waiting for your return;
when the beggars finally prosper,
they're reaching for their urn.

when you at last revisit,
though we've gone about our lives,
we take a pause for all the dreamers...
everything changes when you arrive.

Wrote Your Own Rules

shake your palm, upside down
    you are trapped in the dream:
    you are more than you seem.
    you have stories and games
    just waiting to play,
    but you must remember what it means.

    you're diving into your dreams
        nothing is real,
        nothing will stay,
        nothing you promised
        will ever come my way.
    where everything is more than it seems;
        nothing will stay
        but it grows in the night,
        something comes this way,
        and I must make it right.
    someone telling stories, trapped in games
        we're growing in the night,
        our beauty, our lives,
        we must make it right...
        it's coming, our time.
    trapped and forced to join and play
        our beauty builds life,
        but we must agree to live.
        it's coming, our time,
        to grow, remember, decide.
    and you can't remember what it means...
        we must decide to live,
        for everything we promised.
        we're growing and deciding...
        Wake Up, and know it is real.

    you're not trapped in the dream:
    you are more than you seem.
    you have stories and games
    just waiting to play,
    but you will remember what it means.
let the dice fall so you can play

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Gamemaster Wears No Nametag

you can try to hide your face,
but I still know who you are;
you crept down my back stairwell
thinking you set off no alarm,

but I know who you work for
and I know the details of your past.
I know what your game is
and I know You. Won't. Last.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Closing Summary (Mature)

Mature Content

you can call me lady all you want
but I won't ever be your bitch,
go and run your bloody motor loud,
I'll just swat you like an itch.

you can call me when you need me,
but I won't always be there to be leashed,
you can try me, try to call me,
but I can't always be reached.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(It's Not Stalking) When You Yell In My Ear (Mature)

Mature Content

I dare you, you dare me,
I dare to just try;
I dare yous coming at you

Am I gonna make you cry?

I'm a bloody artist,
playing music all morning long,
if you're not up by ten-thirty sharp
you'll be woken by my song.

do it on a weekend,
when I come home from work

sure, when you go home,
and we've proved you can't make me hurt.

go home, lassie, run home,
don't get lost along the way,
if you come back here,
don't come back here,
there'll be no replay.

shove that fucking ipod
silly, it's a gigabeat,
up his ass so far
kinky turn on, don't break my heart.
he'll have
your hand will get stuck.
beiber stuck to his head
he is kinda cute....