Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Am I Allowed To Breathe?

why can't I hold you in my arms
when I see different shapes in the stars,
why must you sound the alarm
light your torches, burn my cairns?

why can't I celebrate with you,
why can't we stand shoulder to shoulder,
why must you light the pyre,
why must my body smoulder?

I'm going to stand tall
even if you step back and wait for me to fall.
I'm going to stand stong
even if you insist my truth is wrong.

I'm going to keep on going,
keep on standing tall and strong,
and if you're not there with me,
if you're not going to sing with me,
I'll sing a solo for my song.

I'm crawling trying to find me,
I might trip, stumble, flinch,
but I'm learning, growing, finding,
there's no need to play the Grinch.

if I can't keep my family,
I'll keep closer my friends,
I can't choose my blood,
but I know who'll be there til the end.

if you won't let me believe
what hope my heart calls to,
why should I breathe...
what else can I not do?

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