Sunday, September 5, 2010

Art Is My Magic

I'm always trying to show myself around, join more places to post my art, for a multitude of reasons:

  1. Less likely someone will steal something. Though, since I'm mostly a writer, anybody who steals literature is in a sad place indeed. Besides, if I already belong to the community they're posting my stolen art, then I already have an in with the administrators.
  2. More publicity. Different websites cater to different types of art. 
    • Lemonfingers in only for Literature. 
    • Artician is only for visual art. 
    • is only for fan-fiction (I hope that was obvious). 
The problem with deviantArt where my main account resides, is most people (75% or so) are looking for and creating visual art. It's true that it's one of the largest art communities in English, and most of my friends are there. It's also where I've been the longest and the largest collection of my art exists, shy of my extern back-up drive.

I'm hoping not only to post much of my art here as well, but include it with some of my own commentary, which is something I rarely do. I hope you all enjoy.

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