Sunday, August 22, 2010

Totems and Concepts

As I brought up in my previous piece, "Dream Signs vs Totems," totems can be very simple things, nothing magical at all.

The hard part to remember in this world, in these dreams that they are creating, the characters are trying to recreated the World As We Know It as closely and perfectly as possible, so to have a "magical" totem is to bring unreality into the dream and attention to yourself from the projections.

I've been puttering around with ideas for totems, and have come up with this short list below. You folk are welcome to use them under two conditions:
1. Give me credit. Somehow, someway share that you've gotten them from divBy0 on deviantart or provide the link, or something.
2. If you come up with any spin offs, let me know. I'd love to create a list of concepts if for no other reason that to help people understand the concept of totems.

-> Chess piece that falls in only one direction (weighted on one side, off balance) [this is NOT my idea, this one is actually in the movie]

-> Mini inflatable punching bag that doesn't stand on its base (weight inside moved or removed)

-> Ring that pinches uncomfortably when put on, taken off, or spun on the finger

-> Water bottle with pinhole under label or at bottom that leaks slowly when the cap is removed (no magic here, just simple physics)

-> A pen with an unusual balance point (most pens have balance points in the middle third)

-> A top that doesn't spin on its tip (off balance, or spins on a different point)

-> A coin with a non-obvious typo, misprint, or the wrong number of hashes around the edge.

-> Random flavor candies that are a predetermined flavor (compare to "mystery flavor" gummies)

-> A puzzle box or ring that's solved in a unique way (if the architect doesn't know it's a puzzle ring, it will apear as a regular ring in the dream)

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