Monday, August 2, 2010

This Is My Life

sitting 'neath the night sky,
throwing out these bones,
reading out my fortune,
telling the new and the known.

drawing out my life--
all I survey, all I see:
I see some hope, I see some strife,
and none surprising to me.

maybe I know where I'm going,
but I'm certainly getting there,
I dreamt my legacy so clearly,
I danced and fought and well-fared.

she stands there so stoic
and never needs to lean;
she once did support
a decent rapport,
but now I'm broken, bruised, and mean.

she's too much like a coin:
two sides: face and ass.
once I thought this was my place,
but I since flunked her class.

one sun, at least, shines one me
though sometimes beating on my back.
long will I toilm strong will I coil,
and success will lay on my track.

love is a long and rocky road,
but every journeyman still hums and sings,
he knows the dance and sees the dreams,
and one day will meet his wings.

and the future is always uncertain,
sometimes lonely in your dreams,
but you'll always have somewhere to stand,
the pain won't last as long as it seems:

the cards still promise me home,
someone to share with my life,
through the dreams and successes,
through the stumbles and the strife.

they promise nothing more
than what I can achieve,
but also nothing less
than what I dare believe.

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