Friday, August 20, 2010

Perception Deception (Mature)

Mature Content

how many times can I look at my shadow,
how many times can I dream I'm so hollow...
who would have thought the night was so damn long,
why did I think I would be strong enough...

I gotta keep on turning
   searching for that pattern,
I gotta keep turning,
   searching all for you...
I gotta keep turning,
   mistakes I keep making,
but I gotta keep working
   doing it all for you...

all these dreams I keep having
showing me things I tried to keep saving,
leaving me cold, sweating, shaking,
   to build a world for you.
all these troubles I keep having,
showing me I'm barely deserving,
leaving me hollow, crying, breaking,
   to make a home for you.

how many turns must I keep on making,
when my world just won't stop shaking,
it feels like I keep on faking---
   I'll always be turning back to you.
how many times can I lose and not shatter,
when it rains cobblestones 'til it's my blood that splatters,
it's too cold for my teeth to chatter,---
   I'll always be warming up for you.

keep nesting in the visions,
keep pacing through the night,
keep hoping, keep praying
   that all will turn out right.

the time keeps drawing longer,
my projections growing stronger,
the night keeps going on and on...
the blood is seeping faster,
and there's one thing left to ask her:
how far will we keep this going on...?

      maybe we should turn this thing around
   I think I'll turn this car around
I'm going to turn us all around.

Some lines borrowed from OAR's "Shattered." I claim no rights to these lines.

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