Thursday, June 24, 2010

DMT: Four of Pentacles

don't try to keep the wealth you stole:
   you'll never feel true and whole.
don't melt it down and change its face:
      it'll still tear your heart in the same place.

don't try to hide from time,
      dancing in the fire, in the night, in the rhyme;
don't try, don't run, don't hide--
      nothing will stop you breaking up inside.

don't try to replace it--
      the damage it well past done;
don't try to repay it--
      too late, the fate, to save you from.

      run away fast
      and run away far,
      run away til you
      can't see those stars
      shining bright and
      guiding you...
            shining bright and
      shining bright and
      finding you...
            it's long past time for

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