Friday, June 25, 2010

DMT: Ace of Cups

such beauty in ebony
reflected in ivory light
gazing at the best of me
beneath moon shining bright

such wonders held in skin,
adorned in soft and flowing sheets
staring less at me-- moreso in
my heart flutters, stutters, repeats.

such intoxicating of a drink,
purified by the moonlight,
eying the trance I sink
into, helpless in her sight.

she could let her gown fall
and I could not move at all,
she chould do whatever she chose.

should could bed me there on the stone,
tease til my mind was well blown,
or ne'er let me kiss even her toes.

she could keep me up well til dawn,
and when the sun burned our ground,
fin'lly let my release release exposed.

DMT: Page of Pentacles

gaze on at the pattern,
the completed final design,
before your struggle through the 'ssembly,
make all the parts align.

study singular perfection
before you make your mold,
before you try to replicate
something never growing old.

examine the cornerstone
before you make your cut
to keep the foundation--
building a church, a factory, a hut.

imagine something so whole
with your own piecemeal mind
regardless what you're making
to stand the test of time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

DMT: Four of Pentacles

don't try to keep the wealth you stole:
   you'll never feel true and whole.
don't melt it down and change its face:
      it'll still tear your heart in the same place.

don't try to hide from time,
      dancing in the fire, in the night, in the rhyme;
don't try, don't run, don't hide--
      nothing will stop you breaking up inside.

don't try to replace it--
      the damage it well past done;
don't try to repay it--
      too late, the fate, to save you from.

      run away fast
      and run away far,
      run away til you
      can't see those stars
      shining bright and
      guiding you...
            shining bright and
      shining bright and
      finding you...
            it's long past time for

DMT: Ten of Pentacles

crouch beneath the table,
    hidden and alone,
sit bent up uncomfortable,
    feel pain you've always known.

kneel beneath the archway,
    a door you cannot breach,
hold onto the crumbs of the gods,
    whose dice you'll never reach.

pray beneath the moon
    as it smiles down on you,
know it's laughing at the world
    as we think we're holding true.

shiver beneath the smokestacks,
    hot industry hard at work,
with a pain between your ribs:
    economy's uncaring dirk.

reach for the pawns
    until your hand's slapped away,
but keep on reaching for it--
    they'll forget you're there someday.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DMT: Four of Wands

bind us here in harmony,
let the vine around us grow,
come together--meeting that binds
in this crescent glow.

build us a living home,
a castle meant to grow,
a seed of the future--spawned of the past,
dream's drawbridge spanning even shadow.

give us pillars to stand on,
four all standing true,
growing together--a seed of forever,
a promise between me and you.

from here to leap up so high,
a tree of water, of earth, and of sky,
a firey moon--showing all of the room
to spread our wings and fly.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Come and See What Might Happen

come and turn the circle,
come and chase the sun,
come and repeat repeat repeat
come until the day is done.

come and visit nature,
come and visit me,
come and wait, come and watch,
come and let things be.

come, sit, and wonder,
come, dream, and hope,
come, be promised the future,
come, heal and cope.

come and offer it all back,
come and give your alms,
come, come, come,
come and become becalmed.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hold Your Breath

swim in the sea of sensibility,
dive deep until day turns to twilight,
where beauty magnified and all is at peace,
and dance is the only thing of bright.

blow a bubble and spin it around,
mix the light and the movement and the sound,
bring the melody within to breathe:
this is a heaven... underneath.

free-lance a waltz in free-fall,
invite in two and invite in all,
leave gravity alone knocking at the door
until we breach the surface once more.