Friday, May 28, 2010

Come On Over

come and tell me what you think,
don't turn those thoughts and whispers away.
come and tell me what you hear
and I'll reward you for what you say.

come and brush forward
these bangs and block my eyes.
come and watch me spin and spin,
and we'll make sure this style never dies.

come and blend on in
with the wall while I stand out.
it doesn't matter how you look at here,
you're gonna stare while I look about.

come and watch as I pass,
I'll keep passing and walking away,
or come and see who I really am:
you'll realize it doesn't matter what they say.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Pen of Mine

go and draw a line,
take and twist upon itself,
create a picture for your soul,
not framed on wall or shelf.

long or short,
it's still a line,
a line, a line,
in this pen of mine.

come and weave a yarn,
a tale to love and grow,
keep you warm on chilly nights,
to have, to keep, to hold.

long or short,
it's still a line,
wound real tight
in this pen of mine.

kneel and plant a seedling,
to climb and venture far;
build a ladder to the sky,
and sleep beneath the stars

long or short,
it's still a line,
curves, crosses, dots
in this pen of mine.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Always and Forever

she came back strong and hard,
the ghost in heart and head,
nearly as strong as the day I lost her,
I went on living for something I could have said.

she came and pulled me down,
my feet concrete interred,
crushing waves high overhead,
breathing sweet salty blue while my lungs burned.

a bartender's last call for alcohol,
a sweetheart's last claim for heart;
yesterday I gave it away again,
this time: no-one can claim a part.

this time: I'm loving full out again.
this time: I'm not holding back.
this time she offered to wait for me.
yesterday I drew in the slack.