Monday, April 12, 2010

How To Train A Family

however I try to prove myself
you find my methodology wrong,
try to fit your job to my style,
but I'm never allowed along.

however I try the right thing,
you can't see through my eyes;
I run farther, jump higher,
and you never watch me try.

I succeeded and you didn't see it,
too busy with yourself;
it took saving the world to change it,
and sacrificing my health;

but there's no damsels here to rescue,
no dragons here to tame,
no magic to bespell,
no heroics to my name;

there's nothing here to strive for,
but my own personal health;
if I'm never enough in your eyes,
your presence adds no wealth.

if your presence does me nothing,
I'll pack up and fly away,
or treat me as Who I Am
and in my life you'll stay.

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