Thursday, November 19, 2009


this wooden box they tipped you in
not worthy of this place,
belong somewhere stronger than this,
somewhere to crease your face.

no hole to hold you in,
no wood or a'bronzed vase,
you belong where we laughed,
where a smile creased your face.

fly with me, I'll pull you in,
to our single sacred place,
the box that holds the whole world out,
and where we all loved your face.

one last breath and
one last blink.
one last whisper,
one last wink,
and one last I love you and good night.

one last promise and
one last prayer.
one last silence,
one last stare,
and one last crossing town racing midnight.

tomorrow doesn't matter
if we don't survive today,
and while I hold you,
you can't go away.

it's easy to die
to die for your sake,
but to live... to live...
the price is too great.

it's easy to make a promise,
it's hard to keep the vow,
we had a final, sudden goodbye,
and that's the thing I regret now.

don't get out of my car, next time;
and don't let me say goodbye.
don't let me let you dissolve away,
and don't let me refuse to cry.

the melody has faded,
but the words are out there
. . . . . .somewhere,
the music has fallen,
instruments rotted and sullen,
but someone is still singing...
. . . . . . . .somewhere.

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