Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rebirth of A Monster (Mature)

Mature Content

given your shadow and sharp rubber claws
crossed with that audience and lack applause,
hide in the fog that filters out dusk
and hiss at the whiff of approaching musk.

if you breach the cage and break the bars,
come at me on your all-fours,
unsheathe those white and sharpened claws;
blood hitting the floor is the only applause.

"he's a monster, she's a monster," wound up inside,
if she comes out, he won't embrace your hide;
he won't hold you back, he won't hold you still,
disregards his care and forgets his will.

she's a monster, I'm a monster, and a friend,
if she comes out, I'll hold you past session's end.
I'll hold you back, keep you safe, whole, and still;
though she struggle and fight, can't break my will.

"when you're a fucking monster" it feels lonely too,
"not even the other monsters will be there for you."
and yet, right there, I surprised even you,
for there waits Achilles, hoping to help too.

Some lines borrowed from "Venomous" by Christopher Krovatin

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