Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Morning

once upon a morning merry
woken by my sunshine-dearie
and haunted of my dreams no more
off to church she planned so clearly
running late but not so nearly
but for more than I can endure
Get up! Get up! she shouted clearly
worrying if I would wake still weary;
I followed instead of sleeping more.
I had to change out in the car
but if she waited, more late by far
and so she walked while I changed more.
yet for me she still waited,
and as for me, I ran unaided,
chains chiming and my legs still sore.

Hoping for Sly

22 July 2009

I'm sad, you know that Sly? It's weird to think this, but I'm kind of jealous that my girlfriend can hear her plushies talk back.

I know we just got you, a gift from my girlfriend, no less. Yes, the very same. I should give you time to get to know me better, and I, you, perhaps.

I hope you come to trust me, and show me you've got a voice too.

[He pauses for several very long moments, nearly a minute, before continuing.]

Oh well. Take all the time you need. Good night, Sly.

23 July 2009

Well, another day here and gone, Sly. I hope you had plenty of fun. I wonder what you do all day when I'm out, think about things, I imagine? Especially since I don't really have other plushies. Except for Ein up on the top shelf, who's in a plastic box. And Tsukasa and Mana of course, but it wouldn't surprise me if they kept mostly to themselves, whispering to each other if they talk at all.

There's Baby Grunty up there too. Maybe you two would get along, despite that I keep him up on that shelf, and I'm going to try to keep you closer, hoping you'll choose to whisper something in my ear.

[He yawns, widely, deeply, and for long enough to make his jaw ache.]

I was going to tell you something else too, but that'll have to wait for another night. Talk to you later, Sly.

24 July 2009

Hey, Sly.

I wrote it down this morning so I wouldn't forget. Well, both of them down actually. The question I had for you this morning and the thing I was going to tell you about the other night.

I hope it's you and not just me, but... well, I've been waking up in the mornings, and sometimes in the middles of the night, and in the past few nights, you've been there, on my bed still. Even if all my other blankets and such have fallen or been kicked to the floor. and I'm sorry if I've kicked you or rolled over onto you in my sleep. I didn't mean to, honest. It's just... not something I'm used to, sleeping with another animal on my bed. And Leo's never said anything, spending most of the time down on my feet as he does. Except when I'm feeling lonely.

Maybe that's why I'm hoping to hear you talk back. even if you only talk back to me. You know I'd never say anything. Well, maybe to Krys, but not if you asked me not to. I'm good at keeping secrets and being considerate to other people's feelings. And if you don't trust me me yet and all, I understand, I really do.

[He pauses, smiles, stroking and rubbing Sly.]

Sorry. I guess I never got to my question did I? And I hope me going off like that doesn't bother you. Just something I do when I'm alone--except for my plushies, of course--and got stuff on my mind.

Anyway, my question: I was wondering if that was you staying on my bed? Or if I just happned to miss knocking you off? Or if you've been dodging me? I'm sorry if I've knocked you in my sleep and such. I hope you know I really didn't mean to.

Wow, it's gotten late really fast and I didn't get to that other thing again. Hopefully tomorrow I'll not get off track and rambling again.

Of course, if you're really impatient and just want to know what it was, don't hesistate to speak up, alright?

[He smiles weakly at the fox.]

I thought not. Well, good night, Sly. If you sleep, I hope you sleep well.

25 July 2009

Hey there, Sly. Hope your day wasn't as boring as mine was. I wanted to get to that thing that I keep saying I want to share before I get too far off track and rambling again, okay?

So I've been reading Onion Girl, by Charles de Lint. I don't know if you've have a chance or incentive to glance at it while I'm out and when I've left it in my room.

I'm not going to get into what it's about, because that isn't the point, and I know I'll just get distracted again. But in the story, there's a girl who raises a tree. And she raises it, not by watering it, or pruning it, or anything like that. Instead she feeds it stories. It grows into a huge beautiful tree.

Being a fox, and as smart as I know you are, I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. I hope just chatting and talking and sharing things with myself you'll grow too. Maybe not so much as growing bigger, but growing to trust me maybe? Growing to feel confident in me to share of yourself on some of these quiet, lonely nights. Or just what you do or think about all day. Or all night, or whichever it is. Anything you think about, if anything at all, I'd love to hear it.

[He smiles, more strongly tonight than on past nights, stroking Sly's soft fur.]

So that's what I'm going to do, Sly. I'm going to keep talking to you, as long as I can. Helping you grow. And maybe, some day, you'll say something back. Even if it's just something small, like "good night, Ace". I'd love to hear that.

Good night, Sly. I hope you sleep well.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Gran'folks

walk in, with clocks all ticking,
chirping, chooing, hopping, clicking,
to a fam'ly great for picking,
    despite the creaking of the floor.

walk in, thinking you're uninvited,
and yet find smiles all a lighted,
a place to rest all despite it:
    gilded by spikes, chains, fur, and more.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Perspective, or Your Can't Have It Both Ways

broad spread wings to catch the breeze
harsh gusts or thermals rising
free of gravity that binds me down

lost 'tween clouds and clear blue sky
crows and groundsquirrels apprising
'neath I stomp, around and round

to have bones so hollow, so light
to know the dawn, unfiltered, bright
to be...alive... at peace, tonight.

legs so firm, steady and strong
a growling belly long since filled
break from this driving wind

given concentration, tools, mechanics made
a predator's security to sit still
and I enslaved to weather's whim

to visit worlds that are not here
to learn and grow beyond ones peers
to be...alive... and see so clear.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Battlefield

whether these walls
            be padded or brick
whether you conscience
            is clean or sick
whether it's love or
            hate or fear
they're running, we're running
            before the smoke can clear

my head is too full
         for these voices and games
my heart is too full
         for your lie-laden chains
my hands are too full
         to keep carrying your bags
my feet are too light
         to let me be dragged

you're pushing your luck
      and asking for pain
get away from the cracks,
      you have nothing to gain
you're missing something
      that I find in my friends
find it in yourself
      or find the end...

when the dust and debris
   finally settles and clears
watch who's standing
   and fallen, in tears
wait for the rain
   be it water or blood
fall to your knees
   disregard the mud

embrace the earth
embrace your life
give thanks for this
to suffer that strife
the gift was given
the present, today
take advantage of
this opportunity to stay.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Black Rd

driving down Black Road,
while sitting passenger side,
left lane, Joliet,
and who should come beside?

silver minivan and
two boys with long hair
coasting down the roadway,
gave me smirk not stare,

opened up a red
familiar cardboard box...
knew just what it was
and I'm not candy fox.

eating Pocky!
three sticks in his hand!
just the same as I,
when I eat them, when I can.

"got any to share?"
shout I across white stripes.
grin, laugh, "yeah, I think,
hold on" --he might've tried.

shake my head "just kidding"
share just smiles, waves, thumbs ip.
I made two friends in Joliet today--
snack food in common is enough.