Friday, December 5, 2008

I, Alone

I can find you in the darkness,
I can find you in the light;
I will find you where you hide,
be it day or dusk or night.

I can find you in the morning,
as the sun grows ever red;
I can find you in the evening,
whether moon is live or dead.

My path leads on before me,
I'll track you to all ends;
my lord sits on my shoulder:
for he and I are friends.

The war will wage without me,
as sight grows ever dim;
death will e'er approach me,
but I won't let him in.

Bright dawns fade before me
as dusks grow ever grey;
strange tidings here have brought me,
but my path won't go astray.

I lead without a master,
the world works as my slave;
no-one walks beside me,
none judge how I behave.

With darkness wrapped about me,
my heart I'll never show,
my soul is out to pasture,
where shadow seeds do grow.

Hatred does always fail me,
anger is not my way,
revenge is born without me,
and nothing I'll betray.

The storm grows ever after
I have laid myself to rest;
this war is not the answer,
nor even second best.

The world will fall without me,
alone and still I stand;
rebirth I cannot promise,
with the future in my hand.

I have found you in the darkness,
I have found you in the light;
I have found what keeps you weakened,
and removed your will to fight.

Your cage is tightly fastened,
all walls and no door;
your powers are all mine now,
you will reign no more.

May have been written 22 Feb 2005 or 5 Dec 2008. Original found copy had two dates on it, and neighboring pages were non-consecutive.

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