Monday, September 29, 2008

Put Me Back Together

the ways come back
        to haunt me,
    turn it over in my hand.
bring my ghosts back
        protect me,
    and guide me in to land.
the words come back
        to speak to me,
    rebuild stories anew.
bring my voice back
        rename me,
    recolor the sky in blue.
the wars come back
        defend me,
    draw me back home.
bring my spirit back
        revive me,
    never again be alone.
the whispers come back
        instruct me,
    bring me back up to speed.
bring my rhythm back
        addict me,
    so there's nothing else I nedd.
the world comes back
        to hold me,
    give me somewhere to fall.
bring my gravity back
        and catch me,
    where I'm not afraid to crawl.

Monday, September 15, 2008

One Day

one day a week to hang,
three days a week to see,
five days a week to wonder
if there's something I'm missing.

seven days this week
'til I get to hold you again,
everyday wishing that
today would be then.

one day a week to lie,
to feel your warm body near.
six days a week to miss you,
to wish that day was here.

six days of nights I hunger
just to know you're there.
I im, txt, no answer--
am I imagining you care?

seven days this week
'til I get to hold you again,
every single day I wish
that today would be then


nine forty-five to midnight--
quarter-hour then two more--
time spent percolating,
gathering what's gone before.

my selves collaborating,
'til dew drips down my door,
reassessing, reassembling,
until I can't see anymore.

before sleep resets my data
and recalibration sets in,
collate all my pages,
staple, drop in the storage bin.

let the dials spin to zero
as I crawl into bed.
my dream reset the system,
default parameters refed.