Thursday, August 28, 2008


come back into my mind,
expelled out of the mist,
let me slip back from sleep,
consciousness not to list.

cell and bar within my mind,
trap knowledge to lessen pain,
forget all what I know--
so I have something I can gain.

if she keeps on talking,
my brain will turn to mush,
wade through the endless goo,
without drowning in the slush.

my grasp slips from my mind,
I cannot hold on tight,
palms to fingers to fingertips,
it's fading from the light.

kindergarten on my mind,
remedial to the core,
rotting are my feathers,
wings unstretched are sore.

if she keeps on talking,
I'll try not to fall asleep,
my eyes are heavy, tired, blind,
this shallow end so deep.

I'll dive despite the depth,
bang my head against the floor,
what is a subdural hepatoma?
I don't know anymore.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Between Goodbye and

there's a long pause before the click,
before the "hang up" tone,
as if i ought to say something,
something unsaid, unknown.

there's a long pause hanging there,
after you said goodbye...
I dearly want to say it,
don't know if it's the time...

there's two words in my mouth,
but I choke them back each time.
maybe I ought to say them
when you next pick up the line.

sometimes I seem so bold,
but inside I'm so unsure.
those words pose commitment,
awkwardness I can't endure.

I don't want to say anything,
in case you can't say it back;
so much is going on,
don't want to jump the track.

for now I won't say it,
but next time you hold me close,
the words will catch in my throat
and I won't want to let you go.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Touch Me, Kiss Me, Take Me (Mature)

Mature Content

push me against the wall,
hands touch my belly
touch my chest,
kiss me on the lips
and let your tongue do the rest.

push me against the table,
unzip my pants
drop to the floor,
ride me like you like it
until you can't do it no more.

push me against the tile,
wash my back
scrub my hair,
have freedom with your fingers
to clean me everywhere.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

So Alive

i can see where you're coming,
i can see where you'll go.
i can see through your nature,
but i've come for the show.

i know all your answers,
i know all your lies,
i know of your fate,
but i watch for your tries.

i'm familiar with your name,
i'm familiar with your face,
i'm familiar with your pain,
i'm familiar with your race;

i know what you feel,
way deep down inside;
all i've dreamed of is this:
to feel so alive!