Friday, June 20, 2008

Make Safe, Make Strong

I can form the magic
for the storm that's coming now.
I can make a standing,
I'll find the strength somehow.

I can build a shelter,
give us somewhere to hide;
I'll hold against the storm
while you stay safe inside.

I can stay and defend,
or I can go out and fight.
I leave to you to make the choice:
neither one is more right.

the storm is closing in,
and you haven't made your choice;
I'll stay and stand and hold you
'til you regain your voice.

the storm is all around us,
there's nowhere left to go.
I'll try to hold this hovel,
your choice I'll never know.

the storm is fading slowly,
leeching away my strength,
I'll hold as long as I can,
'til it lays me on my length.

I can put a shield around you,
to hold 'til the storm is done;
it will save you when I fall--
I have strength left just for one.

I can hear you protesting,
under the pounding of the storm,
to save me and not yourself--
I put a shield around your form.

I can see you barely
through the dimming of my sight,
whisper three little words to you,
then drift up to the Light.

the storm fin'ly dissipates,
from above I can see,
you climb out of the hovel,
stare in wonder at the peace.

the storm claimed many lives:
of all those unprepared.
you stand alone in the plain
saved by the strength I shared.

the storm is gone for now,
I cannot see if it returns.
use this time to rebuild--
make safe, make strong, and learn

Saturday, June 7, 2008

To The Light (Mature)

Mature Content

stroke my lips,
I'll bob my head;
kiss them and
I'll moan instead.

keep on teasing
to take a drink;
my brain will melt
so I can't think.

pull the pants off me,
show me to the light.
I'll stand strong for you:
do what you like.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Don't Be Shy

you bite you lip when i ask who,
afraid of what i might say;
is it me you're thinking of?
for that i cannot say.
but as for you, i'm thinking of,
and don't go away.

lean on me and sleep,
all your troubles fade;
give me secrets, those i'll keep,
until the sun is greyed.
but as for you, you're always light,
down i'm never weighed.

ask, i'll write an ode to you,
a verse for all time;
the ink may bleach, page may tear,
but still will last the rhyme.
but as for you, i won't let go,
weaving our lifelines.