Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Once and Future King

I can't find the way to the stone,
to the picture, to the sword, to the known,
to the king and all he is worth.

I can't find the fog and the lake,
to the island to the crown, to the drake,
to the queen of the keep and the earth.

I can't find the long endless road,
to the loyalty and debt that is owed,
to the wizard and the power he once held.

I can't find the table or the room,
to the kingdom once blessed, once doomed,
to the warrior, risen where he was felled.

I can't find the son stolen away,
to the knight with whom he'd stay,
to the destiny into which he was thrown.

I can't find the hand in the water,
to the coven with fate's lonely daughter,
to the seed with which she was sown.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I saved a life today.

endless bedrock,
the sun, glaring down,
baking you...       skin to paste to smear,

slowly bleached away
into forgotten time,

left out of memory....

I saved a life today.

time for choices,
change of fate and mind;

I saved a life today.

not so someone will save mine,
not because someone already did,

I saved a life today:

because I was there and they needed help.