Thursday, February 21, 2008


the monsters that were hiding
'hind the door, 'neath the bed
aren't really monsters--
more like family instead.

my monsters in my closet
watch o'er me as I sleep,
as my monsters in the shadows
stalk the walls of my keep.

my monsters in my bedroom
guard my dreams from those who dare,
who pretend to be real people,
who give my monsters a real scare.

my monsters prowl the battlements
with honest fire in their eyes,
keeping away the nightmares
that wear a skin disguise:

the monsters in the windows,
the monsters down the street,
the monsters on the tv,
who preach of monsters in my keep.

Your Eyes

don't close your eyes,
they're my only escape,
as I drown in your curves--
arms, legs, neck's nape.

don't wet your eyes,
I might drown in your tears,
'stead give me the courage
to defeat all your fears.

don't lose the light
that keeps your eyes all aglow,
it's the seed to your laughter:
let it bubble and flow.

don't roll your eyes--
I'll get dizzy that way!
for so much beauty I see,
yet so difficult to say.

Monday, February 18, 2008


i felt darkness crushing in,
dark waters rising over my face,
poseidon bringing his lips to my throat,
--until you reached in with your grace.

the chill of the waters numbing my mind,
crushing silence and shadows for days,
death was coming to take me away,
--until you reached me with your grace.

the chill lulling for my release,
my soul stepping out of phase,
no gods reaching to lead me from pain,
--until you showed me your grace.

Friday, February 8, 2008


it loses it's meaning
as you lose you mind.
resisting your conscious
is futile, you find.

it opens your body,
invites you to bliss,
tempts you to forget
something you'll miss.

it vanishes from sight
without leaving a trace;
but it's really just hiding,
somewhere you can't face.

it evolves beyond reason,
it lingers beyond time,
it unscrews your braces,
it steals every dime.

it takes what you have,
and fills you with less,
it's hidden in this verse,
so give it a guess.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Let Us Play

you can't help people see the light,
when they keep their heads in the sand;
you try to dig a way out for them,
but it just trickles through your hands;

you can't police the anarchists,
nor reach beyond their country's lines;
you can;t be Emperor of the World,
and charge violators steep fines;

you can't claim your own laws
to stand up out of their place;
you can't kick us out of here:
we'll come back with a different face.

if you don't like what we write,
then turn your eyes away;
in here you're nothing special--
so leave and let us play!

On The Floor

I want to read your thoughts,
when you lay there on the floor;
I wish I knew your feelings,
when we exchanged mine and yours.

I wonder about three words,
that get caught up in my throat--
or instead, of three others,
that only unbutton your coat.

I know it's just a stint,
to stave off appetites between meals.
we're too far apart too many ways,
to wish for something real.

I hear only what you tell me,
know only what you share,
I'll hold you when you're near me,
if just to show I care.

I'd love for my embrace
to mean much more than this.
I know it must not--I know it can not--
but I can only type k-i-s-s.