Thursday, January 3, 2008

My First Halo Game (Mature)

Mature Content

I felt his leg against mine lightly, shifted just so, a line of contact and nothing more. I was losing terribly, playing Halo my first time. He set the controller down on his right thigh, not the one touching mine, and started playing one-handed, his other now resting lightly just above my knee.

I was approaching his character when I felt lips on my cheek. I lined up the sights and put the controller on the floor, one of my toes carefully on the trigger, before leaning back on the couch and looking at him. My hand reached out and stroked the hair on the back of his neck; he leaned closer, and his controller fell to the floor. It bounced, bumping on of the joysticks.

I rolled my eyes internally and nudged my toe against the joystick. On the first try, the sights overshot and his lips touched mine. I slid it back carefully, finally centered and let myself wade into the kiss. Blindly, I reached for the trigger, his face filling my vision and his kiss drowning out everything in my mind. The time was nearly counted down, and my mind nearly obliterated by his touch.

I pressed the trigger. His character died, bringing the round to a close, and giving me the last kill.
He looked at the screen suddenly, ripping away his lips. I grinned. He spotted my foot on the controller, then gave me an exasperated groan. "That was a dirty trick."

I grabbed the neck of his shirt and pulled him back to me. "Then get over here and punish me."

He pushed me lightly and I leaned back, inviting him on top of me. He kissed me harder and I dissolved into oblivion.