Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Dream

caught up in dreams today,
lying, knotted, on the floor.

tramped on through Mabon,
I don't wanna go home no more.

hair tousled by my love,
as I met them in my dream.

I know it truth, for it my own,
my love, my city, my dream.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


cluttered floor and cluttered bed,
words implied but left unsaid;
coloured christmas-tree lights hung from the wall;
unconsciousness coming though sleep was called.

laying on bed with light hanging near,
laying on her lap, feeling her fear,
offering warmth in last hours of life,
a hand strokes my back. the most subtle knife

is one that holds back to drain it away:
they promised to help her, but could not stay.
the light shines downward on body in black,
I cease to purr as the hand turns to slack.

the book lays forgotten, page folded inside,
I stand and stretch, not seeing her eyes,
jump off the bed, tiptoe down the hall,
the world is so cold, and frightfully small.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Morning (Mature)

Mature Content

a still, warm body in my bed,
arm around my body, head against my head,
a smile on her lips, joy in her heart,
not even clothing holding us apart.

I look at her sleeping, storm raging outside
the lightning illuminating her skin.
before we met I thought I was a loser,
but now I knew I could win.

she sighs in her sleep beside me,
legs kicking the blanket away,
too warm with two bodies so close,
but wants my warmth to stay.

a still, warm body in my bed,
arm around my body, head against my head,
a smile on her lips, love in her heart,
not even lying an inch apart.

she turns onto her back, lying by my side,
warmth shines in the window from the sun.
one hand strokes my body, one holds my head,
wondering if I am the one.

I sigh in my sleep beside her,
despite the rising morn.
I moan and rise against her touch,
inside and outside happy and warm.

a still, warm body in her bed,
arm strokes my body, head against my head,
smiles on our lips, promise in our heart,
letting nothing pull us apart.