Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ink Stains

ink dribbles from my pen,
hanging above my paper road.
staining the parchment with every stroke,
leaving letters where it flows.

whether I write to my love,
to myself, or of my pain,
ink still sinks into the page,
keeping my words to be treasured again.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Infinite Polyhedron

a kaleidoscope of faces,
not just the two of a coin,
to allot for so many more spaces
for more people to own.

too many points to pass around,
too many views to share,
so difficult to leave your plot of ground
and give another perspective a stare.

A Chance Healing

a poem can help to heal your soul
even when you feel perfectly whole:
hearts will blister before they break,
and 'tis easier to fix a minor ache.

even just knowing that someone's there,
if there's anything you need to share,
if you just like to be reminded someone's around,
just in case your wings tire, and you start plummeting down.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


too many stars in the sky,
each seeing their own day.
too many stars in the sky,
seeing the universe their own way.

looking up are so many eyes,
imagining hope in the stars.
for godly mysteries they pry,
secrets near, dear, and far.

looking down are so many eyes,
questioning and hoping for life.
yet no non-Terrans grace our skies
to distract from self-made strife.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


there's less of a difference
between the fantastic and real
than just what you can see
and just what you can feel.

there's less of a difference
between what you see and what you don't,
all dependent upon
what you will believe and what you won't.

Root Canal

the worst are the sound effects
unfailing in their design,
the endless-seeming whirring
and the fairly steady grind.

the worst are the sound effects
vibrating through my head,
I try to focus on remembered verse,
which I'd rather hear instead.

Monday, March 19, 2007


I'm not the same as you saw me last,
too much has since come and past.
the world on its path still spins around,
wobbling a bit, not yet run aground.

the winds blow sand across the plain,
reshaping the dunes that once knew my name;
the waves pound the cliffs back into salt,
and they'll rise again from their fault.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Random (Mature)

Mature Content

reaching out is the hardest part,
needing to break out of this pain.
every footfall through deeper mud,
despite not knowing the way.

I don't even know if this path
is the one I should be on.
I picked this one at random,
having lost my guiding song.

I need a hand to pull me up,
but I'm already tired of your words;
I need a shoulder to lean on,
to help me with this hurt.

I need some guiding knowledge
but I'm unable to cry out;
I had some breath a while back
but I didn't know what to shout.

The Next Train (Mature)

Mature Content

the cliff wall is falling away from me,
gravity is coming back,
falling into a hole so dark
the sun dodges it on its track.

running through the tunnel,
yet pummled by the rain...
the lgiht I see approaching
is just another train.

I can feel you all around me,
though I reach out you pull away.
my heart is slowly dying,
my soul a bitter grey.

the colours fade from me.
til there's only black and white;
the light of the next train,
and the omnipresent night.

I don't know how I'm lost,
I tried calling out your name,
but the tunnel stole my breath,
and I'm tiring of this game.

I know the next train is approaching
though I cannot yet feel its stare.
I can feel all the warnings,
trapped so long inside there.

the next I may not dodge,
just let it breeze right through.
my body's no resistance
to such a persistent doom.

the next I may stand my ground,
not press against the wall.
the nest time I may let my fingers slip
and let my body fall.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Change (Isn't Coming Back)

why can't you let her rest,
you signed in with her name again.
it's obvious she's not coming back,
can't you let her have her peace!

you signed in with her name again!
so now I must go in and change it
so you will let her have her peace,
let everlasting silence come again.

I went in and changed the password,
so you stop pretending you can have her name,
let the name sink into silence again,
and finally let her rest.


don't you ever wonder.
she begged me for that tablet.
an overly expensive gift
for that christmas.

she wanted that tablet,
begged me for it,
spread it between birthday and christmas.
she never saw that christmas.

she begged me for
what you now own,
receive for a holiday she couldn't reach.
or was it a pity gift?

you now own that tablet,
the overly expensive goft.
don't you ever wonder?


the thoughts burn me inside.
I never hated you,
hope you could forgive,
I gave her up for you.

when I see what you might enjoy
I send it over, though I get spite back,
I gave the same to her;
reminders I still think of you.

I'm not asking you to replace
the joy I found in her,
the memories are reminders enough

I'm not asking even for friendship.
(hope you could forgive)
just civil acquaintanceships.
...you burn me inside.

Hasty Friends Are Hasty Enemies

believe what you wish,
I did not cause her death.
I did what I had to
no more and no less.

only I was there,
so don't doubt my reasons why.
I loved her very dearly--
did not force her to lose her life.

I will not tell the story--
those who need to know already do.
is it not enough to lose my gf,
so I must lose hasty friends too?