Sunday, January 28, 2007


am i forbidden from happiness,
the long journey continues,
there's nothing you want more than
a personal retinue.
yet as you quest onward,
you end up pushing them away,
perhaps you're better off alone:
they'll just get in your way.

perhaps the last thing you need
is someone close by your side.
the process is hard and heavy,
and they'll just shorten your stride.
perhaps just what you need
is that long journey alone.
feel the power in your mind
to re-enter the zone.

the zone is where your power lies,
where you can run--no fear to tire.
take up your quarrel with your foes,
and then you will acquire
the love that you sought this long,
not through promise, word, or deed,
but when your power stands so tall,
and the parasites come to feed.

they want to stand on shoulders
but have no strength of their own:
so they come to leech from yours
the reap all that you have sown.
there is no ridding yourself of them:
it's fame on which they feed.
until you yourself do fall so low,
and they'll seek elsewhere to sate their greed.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


fingertips dance on the keyboard;
ideas dance in the mind;
everything follows the melody,
everything follows in kind.

i can see a few bars,
few can see some more,
but i can feel the rhythm
seeping through my pores.

i have found a tune
of the melody of my flow;
but is hard to shape,
to bend and twist and grow.

still the beat thumps inside me,
the tempo moves my heart,
i simply must learn to hold it,
before it tears me apart.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Please Say I'm Dreaming (This Is Not My Crazy)

scatter the pills like words
disjointed 'round my head;
toss them, mix them, flutter
like dollar bills instead.

straighten out the margins,
as they try to curve away,
i cannot fill the pages,
though i have far too much to say.

i see you standing there,
like i've dreamt of you before,
when you stood inside the mirror,
when you leaned against the door.

take off your hooded sweatshirt,
take the patch off of your eye,
take despair out of my heart,
take me back to the sky.

i try to draw a spiral--
all that comes is a straight line;
i see you looking back at me--
all you are is mine.