Tuesday, October 31, 2006


there's a hole in my heart that won't go away,
it wants me to follow, but I know I should stay.
my stomach wants to retch but I know I must eat.
this pain seems endless, but I have my life to keep.

she died in her bed, not in my arms,
not in a way we could sound the alarm.
she died and I loved her, she died and I lived,
she died when there was nothing more I could give.

my heart is now broken and split into three:
one wants to follow, to be where she be;
one want me to survive, to try to stand tall;
one wants me to stop, to rot where I fall.

I know she would want me to continue to live,
to hold on and give what I have to give.
and when my life is done and complete
I too may pass, and in the after we will meet.

but as for now, I will try to live,
try to contribute with what good I can give.
remember the love and the hope that we had
care for it, keep it, and in it be clad.

nurture the hope that I will meet her there
when the kindness of death gives me my share.