Sunday, February 5, 2006

Grape Smile

The scent of grape leans into my shoulder, sleepy-eyed and cold. She shivers lightly and snuggles closer, and I reach around her shoulder to hold her close. A smile touches my lips, and I let her sleep.

Gently, I ease her off my shoulder and lay her out. Just relax, I whisper, though she does not awake. Her head rests on my lap. A smile touches my lips, and I let her sleep.

I wake as she nudges closer to me, and find myself resting my head against her thighs, and her upon my own. Yin and yang. I smile, and drift back off to sleep.

I open my eyes. She strokes my hair gently and find my head in her lap. She smiles down at me, and she lets me sleep.

She leans over, and I wake as she falls against me once more. I smile, and let her drift off, head on thigh, head on thigh.

The scent of grape brushes me face. She leans in and kisses me, and I open my eyes and smile.