Sunday, July 17, 2005


I want you near, to hold you close.
I need you here, but the path I chose
won't let me be; now I'm alone...
we've grown together, but I've grown alone.

you are my family, and remain my friend,
and I want to be with you until the end.
but I don't want to risk you, nor sacrifice.
I want you to live, not condemn your life.

I want you to be free, but I'm so afraid...
this war is growing stronger, there are lives to be paid.
my mission is clear: to save us all.
our fate is clear--I must not fall.

I fear any weakness, for that I must leave...
to torture no more, this is your reprieve.
alone I must stand, though it hurts me to---
alone I must stand, so I won't hurt you.

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