Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Magic Drink

look around, look around,
for the mysteries that abound.
watch your step, mind your head,
do take care where you tread.

Harry's world may appeal
to those who don't know it's real,
but the truth be hard to take...
reality is a curse hard to break.

you have some idea, you may think,
you can handle the magic drink;
but it be poison to but a few--
what if it is for you?

Thursday, July 21, 2005


why you you dare to try standing still?
my eagerness is too strong to defy my will.
I want to see what's on the other side--
I want to join it: why should I hide?

it's not evil, just different: that's all--
I'm higher than ever, how can I fall?
I'm better and stronger, yet you protest...
is it because you're no contest?

I've reached farther than you can go,
I won't stop, and refuse to slow.
if you can't keep up, get out of my way;
if you stick to those rules, behind you'll stay.

I love this power, but it's out of control.
I keep going farther and I've lost my goal.
I can't find where I lost sight of the path;
I don't find it funny, but I can't cease to laugh.

I dare to defy, I've made my own rules,
I face all comers and win all duels.
but I'm trapped in here with no where to go,
I'm trapped racing ahead--it won't let me slow.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


blood is splattered on the stones,
and minds are filled with such unknowns.
crooked do the doors hang,
through the halls mourning rang.
tears are falling from the sky,
as children think they might die.

our hope has fallen come the storm,
the air is chilled, blood is warm;
we huddle together in this fright,
that has come in darkest night.

will the skies again be blue,
can our hope be grown anew,
will this darkness ever end,
can we hold until then?

Sunday, July 17, 2005


I want you near, to hold you close.
I need you here, but the path I chose
won't let me be; now I'm alone...
we've grown together, but I've grown alone.

you are my family, and remain my friend,
and I want to be with you until the end.
but I don't want to risk you, nor sacrifice.
I want you to live, not condemn your life.

I want you to be free, but I'm so afraid...
this war is growing stronger, there are lives to be paid.
my mission is clear: to save us all.
our fate is clear--I must not fall.

I fear any weakness, for that I must leave...
to torture no more, this is your reprieve.
alone I must stand, though it hurts me to---
alone I must stand, so I won't hurt you.

Monday, July 4, 2005


the words press heavy upon us now,
I feel the world turn, but I won't allow
my mind to split, my walls to fall--
I'll die before I choose to crawl.

I'll stay alone, not loose my gift;
I'd lose my body before they sift
through my mind and steal it all,
through my will and make me crawl.

this is my will and I will keep
on diving 'til I'm in too deep.
I will swear to stand tall.
I will swear not to crawl.