Friday, January 21, 2005


in the time it takes for tears to fall upon the ground,
in which a sweeter melody is found,
soft and tuneless, kind and sweet,
in that time, your wish I’ll keep.

in the time it takes for the sky to clear
and the wind to whisper in your ear,
for the melody there is found:
forever I swear to keep you around.

in the time it takes to breathe so deep,
for all the love we’re sure to reap,
for the melody and the sound,
to you I am fiercely, faithfully bound.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Waiting For Winter

a steady drip,
hidden in the cave,
echoing afar,
is no longer the same.

the floor is damp
with ever flood,
the cave's warmth
draws winter's blood.

the steady drip
falls in water,
rippling away
from the cave's daughter:

the city, deep,
hidden, lost,
disappeared by
winter's accost.

I wait for winter
to fade away,
before approaching
the city's day.

snow obscures
the cave's deep mouth;
patiently, I wait
for the warmth of the south;

the world will alight
with Sun's waking tongue.
the cave's creek will empty,
flowing among

the rivers of winter:
will flow away;
for the year's duration
there they'll stay.

I'll try to reach
the city again,
and find my ever
waiting friend.

the heavy flakes
now faster fall,
the cave has become
an enclosed hall.

I stand in the mouth,
in the stone hall,
staring at
the snowy wall.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Alone in Green

the earth is shadowed
in a dizzying green,
hidden are those
that are never seen.
I stand alone in
crowds of color;
green alone is mine,
and none other.

earthtones enamored:
from the ground:
encircling greens,
all around.

this color is perfect
and is whole.
here I'm home:
a grassy knoll.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Infinite Mortality

perhaps the most immortal existance
is to be remembered.
memories embraced, holding your self
in stasis;
but what you truly were
is lost.

forever words on mortal paper
with a mortal stylus
by a mortal body.

but my thoughts are infinite,
and they will outlive generations.